Whether you’re here on your own or as a Virginia Tech Science Festival attendee we are excited to have you here! We want to inspire you to learn about and try out 3D art making. To do that we’ve created the Virtual Sculpture Garden, a virtual reality experience for you to explore 3D art and share yours with others.

Carve your own 3D pumpkin!

We created a 2 minute tutorial for you so that you can try out 3D art making on your own. It’s free and does not require any software downloads, accounts, or any special knowledge to get started.

Help us fill the garden!

Right now the garden is in its early stages but you can help us make it grow and share joy with others by sending us 3D artwork of your own. Whether it’s a 3D pumpkin that you carved by following along with the tutorial above or an original work of art we have space for you! In fact the garden was built to grow automatically to fit the number of artworks we receive so don’t be shy! Submit a sculpture with our Quick Form or email it to us at vrgarden-g@vt.edu.

Explore the sculpture garden!

The garden is best viewed on a desktop web browser or through a virtual reality headset. For the Science Festival we’ve added 6 info sculptures to introduce you to the basic concepts of 3D art and get you thinking about where it appears in your life.

You can Mute the music with the M key, Look around by clicking and dragging, and Move around by using the arrow keys (or WASD) on the keyboard.

View the garden fullscreen

The Virtual Sculpture Garden will help keep people connected through the arts in a time of physical distancing by exhibiting 3D artwork from Virginia Tech and the surrounding community. This virtual reality experience will feature a dynamically expanding environment that will grow as the art collection grows to offer an ongoing and collaborative point of connection. Created by students and faculty in the University Libraries and Moss Arts Center, and made possible in part by a grant from Virginia Tech’s Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology, the Virtual Sculpture Garden will be accessible to anyone through either a web browser or a virtual reality headset.

For more information, questions, or concerns please contact us at vrgarden-g@vt.edu.

The VR Garden Team:

  • Trevor Finney, creative services coordinator and principal investigator, University Libraries
  • Jonathan Bradley, head studios and innovative technologies, University Libraries
  • Renee Alarid, associate director creative services, Moss Arts Center
  • Alice Rogers, manager media design studios, University Libraries
  • Giang Vu Binh Nguyen, studio student fellow, University Libraries
  • Dylan Craft, studio student fellow, University Libraries
  • Alex Krasner, Virtual Environments Studio graduate student, University Libraries

Statement on Ownership, Usage, and Service