Learn how to digitally carve a 3D pumpkin in under 2 minutes (plus pauses). No special software download, accounts, or training required.

Download the pumpkin here. Access 3D modeling tool here.

Instructions covered:

  • Use a desktop computer or capable mobile device
  • Download the pumpkin
  • Go to the SculptGL web-based 3D modeling tool
  • Clear the scene by going to "Scene > Clear Scene"
  • Load the pumpkin by going to "Files> Add", and selecting the pumpkin file
  • Draw on the pumpkin with a mouse drag
  • Change the brush tool settings under "Sculpting & Painting"
    • Press the "N" key to carve into your pumpkin
    • Hold the "Shift" key to smooth it out
    • Turn off the "Symmetry"
    • Paint it with the "Paint" tool and add texture with the "Crease" tool
  • Paint it with the "Paint" tool and add texture with the "Crease" tool
  • If you'd like to add your pumpkin to the Virtual Sculpture Garden, email the .sgl file to vrgarden-g@vt.edu

We also recommend trying TinkerCAD (requires a free account) for hard surface modeling. If you’re ready to take things to the next level you can download Blender, a free and tremendously powerful 3D art package.

Created for the Virginia Tech Science Festival by the Virtual Sculpture Garden team.